glaring noonday sun,
a gecko leisurely walks
on palm fronds

In other notes, I will be updating on a weekly schedule – on Wednesday Mornings, (this post excepted, hehe).  I wish I could do more, but with life pulling in several directions, and this is just a hobby, I’d rather undershoot than overshoot for now….

Well that was that….

I was hoping that maybe I could legitmately take the day off or something…but the rain came and is still here, but never bad enough for me to not go to work.

Oh well, excitement is over, back to usual (albeit much cooler and soggier than usual).

Tropical Storm Eduoard

Hehehe, perfect timing for my bosses.  They are out in Calgary avoiding this lovely weather that may slam into us tommorrow.  Apparently, the weather before big events like this are often not really much of anything and its pretty much that — hot sweaty and crowded in your local Krogers supermarket.

Morning and Evening

The Bunnies just spent their first night together (and I on the floor to keep an ear out if they started fighting).  Whew, I didn’t think I would ever get them bonded…

Hello world!

This webcomic was originally going to be named “Grizzly Avocado”.  Unfortunately, avocado got its name because it is the aztec word for a certain part of the male human to which it bears a resemblance.

Which is not that big of a problem except Avacado was supposed to refer to Peppercorn, my little girl bunny!