So I’ve been gone for a while

Between visiting New Orleans and starting up the new year – updating my portfolio and shopping for a new camera).  Unfortunately it means that  poor GP has been languishing.

No guarantees it won’t continue to languish, but I now have one less thing to do!  It turns out my friend Dong had gotten a camera a while back as a gift and he never uses it.  When I told him about my current obsession with camera shopping (I won’t dignify it with calling it photography until I actually go out and take some =) He offered to send me the camera for my use.

Even though its a bit scary to get someone else’s Christmas present (even if he says wear and tear is ok), this “rental” period will be good for me to know if I am the type who will be interested in the nicer form factor or if I just got caught up in the moment due to too much websurfing. Its easy for feature creep to happen when you run into a community of obsessives!  Its been an interesting exercise in desire and fear, especially in these uncertain economic times and our plans to move back to the Bay Area.

On other news, the portfolio is more or less updated (everything except my grad school work(!), and I’m going to start messing with a simple online version this weekend. That and start making contacts with some people out in the Bay Area!

PS I did go to the aamera shop the other day and I must say I did like the feel of the Rebel more (and it does have DOF preview)…but now that is a moot point since if I do buy anything (other than a nice camera case) it will most likely be in the Bay Area now!