what a cool way to show images!

This would be a little less relevant if I didn’t have a bunch of 4×6 paper that came with my latest set of ink (they bundled it with the colored ink but it was still cheaper than buying the cartridges individually).  But with a bunch of Dr. Pepper bottles, this will be useful =)

And check out Photojojo for other cool ideas for displaying pictures.

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Liberty is an artifact of civilization, as even one famous non-conservative of the right knew, and it is not something that comes naturally. Men were not born with liberty, but had to earn it, work for it and struggle to retain it. It can be lost or diminished, and it is so far from the natural state of man that it is difficult to state strongly enough how wrong it is to say that “man is born free.”

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Interesting thought

Botanical Gardens

A nice little shot of a banana tree I think at the Botanical Garden in Berkeley.  I definitely think that the in the age of digital photography, the “spray-and-pray” approach to taking fotos yields a couple decent shots here and there.  Without the cost of film, its much less painless on the pocketbook….though I may need to get a new hard drive soon =)

Jing At The Farmers Market

So I finally went through all my photos on the computer.  Since the “webcomic” thing has petered out, I thought I’d use the site to upload random photos on a regular basis – at least until the stash runs out!  The really good stuff will also be uploaded at flickr

Well see where it goes – I think I will actually make it go chronologically way from the beginning (2003 or so), but lets start with Jing at the Farmers Market which was taken just this January outside of Tafia.

One Year without a Car

These images that are really remarkable — and not so much for the image quality or composition, but just the fact that me and Jing were in this car and that neither of us had long term effects — even without the airbags going off!

Its been a year of not having a car anymore…amazing how quickly time flies!

Shoes in Seattle

In front of the Liu's home for Ben and Angie's wedding pre-party
In front of the Liu's home for Ben and Angie's wedding pre-party

Hey!  I found a cord for my cell phone and so I was finally able to rip out all the pictures from my little phone — and they are surprisingly decent!  They look so aweful on the little screen, but they are legit 640×480 pics so I thought I’d upload a couple photos from them.  This one as you can see was from my cousin’s wedding, Ben Liu and his wife Angie.  We were at his parent’s house and I went outside for a walk.  being a good asian household — there were a bunch of shoes outside mirroring the bunch of folks inside!

Portfolio posted

I'm official =)
I'm official =)

well…I finally got my portfolio posted.  I started this weekend using an automated function in Photoshop to collect all the dwgs into web galleries and then worked on the overall navigation and stuff.  As when I set up this blog site, it amazes me how much free information there is on the internet when it comes to putting up websites!  In any case, check it out and ding me if there are any problems, portfolio.grizzlypear.com