Thanksgiving at Central Market!

HEB has an upscale brand called “Central Market”. The produce here is consistently quite good and consistently quite expensive. We came here to get Eric and An a bottle of wine for hosting Thanksgiving. Of course, we completely forgot that An can’t drink at the moment! In any case, I also brought a camera and had some fun along the way. I don’t know why so many of these came out well (usually I am posting one image out of twenty, but I only took about ten of these veggie shots in all) but it really does make one think of the cornucopia of food that just sits there waiting for us to step into a supermarket.





Some Pics from April

So here are a few pictures from a procrastination session from “Building Design and Construction Systems”. The photo of Peppercorn on the run is heavily worked, I kind of took Scott Bourne’s thoughts on Subject Attention Simplify (a very good article) and applied it to this one. The two bird photos were pretty straightforward with only tweaking to saturation and contrast, etc. I guess you can call them “digital shopped” because they are the best out of MANY, MANY shots from those session — way more pictures than anyone would have taken in the old days.

As you can see in the delta between shot and posting, I really need to sit down and sort through my photos more regularly! I suspect I need to start taking fewer (but more thoughtful) pictures because going through these massive galleries are really quite daunting!




Some wildlife pictures

About an hour from our apartment is Brazos Bend State Park. It was a really nice day on Sunday and the weather was gorgeous (aside from the fact we forgot sunscreen so we had to pay $8 for a dinky little bottle of that stuff). Lots of places to take pictures of local wildlife…including alligators!  In any case, it was such a nice experience, we ended up getting the annual state park pass and we’re gonna go check out some fall colors five hours out.  We’ll see, it should be interesting.

Just Hanging
Just Hanging
Hamster on a Piano
Hamster on a Piano
Floating the Day away
Floating the Day away

Post Office Haikus

Hehe sorry not much else for today, gonna be taking the structural test at noon. But here’s some cute pictures of Badger and some haikus from the post office =)

a toy wristwatch and plastic binoculars,
an antsy boy bangs on trash cans

whispered instructions quiet complaints –
hushed conversations moving minutes while waiting in line

staring at a silent ceiling fan,
a murmuring radio plays the soundtrack
to an afternoon in line.

badger hay hay

badger confused