BDCS taken, hopefully only 4 more to go….

I took my “Building Design and Construction Systems” test today. It was what it was, I think I did fine, but if I didn’t pass, I’m quite sure I’ll do fine the next time around. The test dealt with a lot of subjects and I’m quite sure that many of those questions will be covered by studying for the remaining 4 tests.

In any case, more interesting than what happened in the test, was the show I stumbled across last night while trying to chill out and relax a bit. I stumbled across a show by Fox Sports Houston called “Athelete 360” Admittedly it is almost infomercial for Mermorial Hermann Hospital, but still the episode with Kevin Everett (broke his spine while playing for the Buffalo Bills) was really interesting.

There’s plenty to whine and complain about our profession (low pay, long hours) and getting licenced (missing out on parties and waking early up to study) but shoot…as I get older I get, the less envious I get of the lives of Pro-Atheletes. These guys get paid well, but it must feel weird to know that general populace just sees you has basically a high performing piece of meat wearing the appropriately colored/patterned jerseys. And the idea that this guy’s profession was ended in split second at the very height of his career and physical prowess is just mind boggling. I have no idea how he keeps up a good attitude.

In any case, if you’re a sports fan and kind of nerdy this series looks like an promising show. I think I’ll incorporate the other online episodes in my pre-test routine.

Unfortunately they haven’t posted the episode with Kevin Everett yet but here’s the link to the show page.…t.aspx?id=6526

Whee its busy!

It just so happened that I took the first couple weeks after the structures exam off from studying for my next test. We went camping a couple weekends and generally didn’t do too any studying. Sooo of course, once I start getting serious about studying for this next test, Building Design and Construction Systems, our office gets a big fast track project dropped on us! I really can’t complain, the slow office between march till November has meant that my overall pay has been notably lower this year. That and getting into photography along with buying a car and my finances are not nearly as healthy as it was last year! I can’t complain in the end, I’ve still got my emergency savings and all that, but still…

I really do have respect for people that can work full time and take the tests along with raising a family — I find learning all this material interesting but also incredibly draining also. I guess in the end, you do what you (feel pressured to) do, since I also can’t imagine doing the crazy hours I did in undergrad at Berkeley. At least at Rice I was much more efficient and didn’t go completely crazy, but studio at Cal was really quite another beast. Maybe a the couple years out of school gave me perspective or maybe it was just that there were other nutzos who would work much to late into the night, but yeah, its really hard to imagine how I did it in those old days. But then again, some of my best friends and fondest memories come out of those crazy times…..

Nostalgia really is quite a deceiver I think.

Old Wurster Hall

Jing at Calliope


Some State Parks we’ve been visiting

So me and Jing have been visiting state parks in our spare time. I’ll spare you the reviews since you can just follow them on yelp. But that said, I’ve been having fun even with the deer incident and the awefully cold nights from last weekend. It was fun coming home and setting off the carbon monoxide alarm while changing the batteries that must have died while we were at Martin Dies Jr. State Park. I’m not so sure about the recuperative powers of being in nature – in the end you’re still there wherever you’re at – but it still is a nice change of pace, especially for someone like me who is somewhat obsessed with hanging out at home and reading a book (or studying the ARE’s or surfing the internets).

So here’s yet another a photographic post for this friday (actually three if you count the 11/20 post I somehow never published until today and my retroactive thanksgiving picture that I’m just about to do right now =P )

Lost Maples State Natural Area
Lost Maples State Natural Area
Martin Dies Junior State Park
Martin Dies Junior State Park
Livingston Lake State Park
Livingston Lake State Park