Whew there goes another test….

Hopefully I passed, but yeah, basically it was tough, but not particularly hard. Hopefully that means a pass, but if not, fair enough and I’ll be back. Fortunately the servers for my lab room (the test center has 2 computer labs) didn’t crash like the other side so I didn’t have to sit around for half an hour while waiting for them to get things running again. That must be quite a nervewracking sort of wait….

On another note, we went to visit the Friday night game group in our area and wow! Really nice group of folks and we played Tichu which is basically big 2 with partnerships and scoring. It makes for a pretty complex game but I see why that group gets addicted to it!

Hehe Just saying hello

I’ve been getting buried under my current hobby (gaming) and my current project (stoopid tests). But in any case, I thought should say hello to the Blog. I had gotten off of the regular friday thing cause I think I had made it a little more serious than I need to. In the end I guess its just a public journal because if I try the sketchbook thing all the dates and stuff get completely messed up….I end up losing the darn things or mixing up a ocuple of them…it just never works.

In any case, it was one heck of a Saturday because my friend Amiee couldn’t make it to Houston so I ended up having a free weekend. So I ran off to Owlcon and had a blast. I was fortunate because I ended up playing almost all the games that I have been interested in checking out. And even more so because I ran into some Houston gamers who then told me about other groups who are in the area. I’ve done some cursory searches over the past few months, but it helped to have some specific directions and wow. Yay – now I’ll be able to try some games before buying them!

Oh and while I’m at it…we’ve been getting into dancing! Whee hobbies!