25 Games I wanna Play

listed here on boardgamegeek

but I’ve decided that I should start doing some things on this blog site too just to keep it moving along after a half hear of stagnation!

So here’s the list as I wrote it down with notes, not as ordered by boardgame geek ranking.

Brass – Martin Wallace
Troyes – Dice and Hype
El Grande – A classic I haven’t tried
Tigris and Euphrates – good online, I hope its better in person
Le Havre – I liked Agricola
Modern Art – Auctions, good first play
Princes of Florence – Auctions, I didn’t like the first play but its well regarded
Hansa – Mark Johnson
Africa- Mark Johnson
Bohnanza – Mark Johnson
Caylus – Great Game
Tichu/Thirteen Combo – I’ve been trying to get this game played for a while!
Caroom – Pool meets Crokoinle
Arabian Nights – sounds crazy
Australia – area control and another continent
Manhattan – very abstract but sounds like light crazy nastiness
Aton – great 2P area control
Foppen – Trick taking AND shedding, interesting
San Marco – you distribute I pick…and a gorgeous board
Through the Ages – it seems long but well regarded
Stone Age – it was very popular at one time
Shogun / Wallenstien – seems to be well regarded
Mu and lots more – a bunch of interesting card games
Mexica – part of a trilogy where I didn’t like the first game that I played, but this one has a nice looking board.
Power and Weakness – somehow it intruiges me