25 Games I wanna Play

listed here on boardgamegeek

but I’ve decided that I should start doing some things on this blog site too just to keep it moving along after a half hear of stagnation!

So here’s the list as I wrote it down with notes, not as ordered by boardgame geek ranking.

Brass – Martin Wallace
Troyes – Dice and Hype
El Grande – A classic I haven’t tried
Tigris and Euphrates – good online, I hope its better in person
Le Havre – I liked Agricola
Modern Art – Auctions, good first play
Princes of Florence – Auctions, I didn’t like the first play but its well regarded
Hansa – Mark Johnson
Africa- Mark Johnson
Bohnanza – Mark Johnson
Caylus – Great Game
Tichu/Thirteen Combo – I’ve been trying to get this game played for a while!
Caroom – Pool meets Crokoinle
Arabian Nights – sounds crazy
Australia – area control and another continent
Manhattan – very abstract but sounds like light crazy nastiness
Aton – great 2P area control
Foppen – Trick taking AND shedding, interesting
San Marco – you distribute I pick…and a gorgeous board
Through the Ages – it seems long but well regarded
Stone Age – it was very popular at one time
Shogun / Wallenstien – seems to be well regarded
Mu and lots more – a bunch of interesting card games
Mexica – part of a trilogy where I didn’t like the first game that I played, but this one has a nice looking board.
Power and Weakness – somehow it intruiges me

2 thoughts on “25 Games I wanna Play”

  1. Hmm, I’m headed to the Cafe Express meetup on Sunday and happened across this:

    I own:
    El Grande – A classic I haven’t played in a while.
    Tigris and Euphrates – a classic
    Caylus – perhaps longer than it is worth, felt like a little too much was going on.

    have tried:
    Princes of Florence – on the way from a math trade soon.
    Arabian Nights – have played once, long but definitely novel and worth trying at least once. I’m eager to play again.
    Through the Ages – I’ve played 3x online, 2.5x in person. Great game.
    Stone Age – I play a lot on Yucata.de, but I’m not very good at it.

  2. Hahaha thanks! Wow what changes in the year! No wonder boardgameers have such churn in their collections! Unless something comes up, see you on sunday!

    Let’s see, here’s an update:

    Brass – lost interest.
    Hansa – lost interest.
    Africa- lost interest.
    Princes of Florence – as time goes by not interested in playing it again.
    Le Havre – I liked Agricola…(funny I said that I don’t really like ‘gric anymore and I didn’t care for Le havre)
    El Grande – played once, maybe need to play again but not too fond of it
    Tichu/Thirteen Combo – no luck getting it played so I’ve given into accepting just pure tichu
    Arabian Nights – got into an indie RPG kick a few months ago so I lost interest in Arabian Nights
    Australia – lost interest.
    Stone Age – lost interest.
    Shogun / Wallenstien – lost interest.
    Mexica – lost interest.
    San Marco – kinda meh, just ok, though the board IS gorgeous

    Troyes – still very happy with it
    Tigris and Euphrates – very much like my two in person plays of it.
    Modern Art – Love the game but hard to get it played
    Bohnanza – Cute Mechanic would be happy to play again
    Caylus – kinda heavy, but I like it more than any other WP game
    Manhattan – really nasty game, love it
    Aton – still awesome
    Mu and lots more – still love mu

    Power and Weakness
    Through the Ages
    Caroom – haven’t played but I now own a board

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