The previous post had me crushing the blacks, this one is blown out from behind. I typically avoid using filters on my photos, for some reason I feel like they are “cheating” even though I have no compunction beating up on my photos on the computer or going to BW as necessary. I have no fear of adjustment layers, even selective and masked layers. But somehow I don’t like presets. In any case, it seems to be the limits of iphone/ipad is a filter enough.

Its something I’ve come to accept with my Nikon D40 also. It doesn’t have the clean high ISO settings…so I’m been learning to live with the noise now that I’ve developed the courage to go as high as the camera will let me. If the mirror wipes out would I get a new body instead of repairing it? Yeah most likely. But until then, I don’t see a particularly compelling reason to upgrade the body. And here’s a selfie of my wife feeding avocado mush to the baby.