walmart, hangzhou

It was interesting walking through a walmart out there. It was on the third and fourth floors of a shopping mall. Two floors you say? The first level was household goods, the second was the supermarket, including live fish. And there was a moving ramp to take you and your shopping cart up to the second floor.

And here is a not so successful diptych of one of the main aisles.151130-jpg-7949 copy

diptych (otp96)

I had a rough time with this one in the end I settled on the one which was two of the same shot….but I tried quite a few variations on the way there. I’m still not sure what’s right.


diptych-laundry-different-horiz swapped




morning routine (otp186)

There was a certain frustration with this China trip because we managed to pick about three straight weeks of rain out of the four we were there. But then again, where could we really go with a 19 month old? Aside from maybe picking up some buns in the morning, our morning routine was a big pile of steamed yams and corn, which our daughter absolutely loved to eat.



Its been just rainy and gloomy the whole time here so the baby hasn’t gone out much at all. But we did make a run out to get grandma’s hair trimmed so she had a little fun chillin’ in the barber shop.

Still waiting.
Still waiting.