strangers (otp104)

I took this while waiting in the hallway of Durango High to caucus for the 2016 democratic candidate. We were slightly undecided going in, but we ended up breaking for Bernie, in part because it didn’t really affect the result.

160220-i5c-0732bw copy

leading lines (otp103)

I don’t think this is exactly the prime intention of the assignment, but the OTP crew is pretty loose with the words anyways. This first one came while wandering around Durango High after the Nevada Democratic Caucus, and the second was an ominous flash of light in the bathroom.



summertime (otp109)

Most anywhere else it would be hard to get a summertime shot in March, but in Vegas, I just went outside. Not much different in september…though the weather is cooling down to the lovely high nineties.