at the park

At Town Square, a shopping center, there is a small park. It late morning and was still quite warm, but still bearable.




I almost timed this one right but her foot is cut off…even so I’m quite happy with the exposure. Lucky for me, cause she was running loops and this turned out to be the last loop of the day. When chasing a toddler around, you never know when they decide to move onto something else.


remembrance (otp229)

Bill Wadman, one of the hosts of OTP, often mentions a desire to leave a mark in this world. I ended up going with the most sparse composition for the upload.


But I also liked the idea of having one’s ephemeral shadow in the frame


And for a wider context Jeffery Saddoris, the other host, has a thing for dumpsters. So I took this shot cause it was also there behind the mechanics yard while I waited for the oil change.


typography (otp113)

This turned out to be one of the most popular assignments out there, and while I didn’t spend a ton of time trying to get a great shot for this, I did come across more than a few instances. I think the best ones on the OTP group were either really in tight or way out. Unfortunately most of mine are all in the messy middle. However I wanted to ship…but maybe I’ll come back to this one.

First we start with some old signs.




And then one where the baby got her hand in front of the lens right as I was shooting an old xeroxed instruction sheet at an old hotel



A hand written example from my watering hole


And a completely hand made one from Mount Charleston.