otp237 – civic duty

60 years ago today, the Supreme Court ruled against Montgomery County and their segregated bus system.

Coincidentally I had been taking photos of Dara reading Rosa (authored by Nikki Giovanni, illustrated by Bryan Collier) for the OTP 237 assignment. Its an excellent book, well written and beautifully illustrated. A story very relevant for this time, both as a reminder of how far we’ve come and an encouragement for the continued peaceful struggle for equality and justice.

“She thought about her mother and her grandmother and knew they would want her to be strong. She had not sought this moment, but she was ready for it.
When the policeman bent down to ask “Auntie, are you going to move?” all the strength of all the people through all those many years joined in her. Rosa Parks said no.”





a new president

A couple weeks ago my wife had bought a t-shirt from old navy. When a friend posted a photo her son wearing the same shirt, I commented that we had the same shirt and she responded asking for a picture.

This evening, as partisan Democrats, we were naturally distraught with how the election was going, so to distract myself I pulled out the shirt to snap some pics. As usual, my daughter also wanted to take some pictures too so we all took a turn modeling the shirt.

Given my partisan leanings and the surprise result, I just couldn’t fall asleep…so I decided to get up and and do some work instead of just tossing and turning.

I had set up a nice simple three shot triptych in indesign…but when I exported it out to JPG, everything got jumbled up and came out like below. I guess the night/early morning had one last surprise for me!

Its been a dark election season and I’m trying to transition to a hopeful mood. I wish our nation and President Elect Trump a good four years, may he govern wisely.