a new president

A couple weeks ago my wife had bought a t-shirt from old navy. When a friend posted a photo her son wearing the same shirt, I commented that we had the same shirt and she responded asking for a picture.

This evening, as partisan Democrats, we were naturally distraught with how the election was going, so to distract myself I pulled out the shirt to snap some pics. As usual, my daughter also wanted to take some pictures too so we all took a turn modeling the shirt.

Given my partisan leanings and the surprise result, I just couldn’t fall asleep…so I decided to get up and and do some work instead of just tossing and turning.

I had set up a nice simple three shot triptych in indesign…but when I exported it out to JPG, everything got jumbled up and came out like below. I guess the night/early morning had one last surprise for me!

Its been a dark election season and I’m trying to transition to a hopeful mood. I wish our nation and President Elect Trump a good four years, may he govern wisely.