Favorite Tools

In iterations 15 ( https://jefferysaddoris.com/newsletter/ ) asks a question about favorite tools.  And it made me think a bit because I’m pretty utilitarian.  Coincidentally I had just been chatting with my coworkers about my Wacom tablet, an intuos3 that I bought at the suggestion of a graphic designer friend who thought it might help my wrist pain in grad school.  Since that time I’ve been the lone soul who who has used the product in an architecture environment and it puzzles me.  Its just as fast as a mouse and I’ve very rarely ever had wrist pain (and never when its not pure CD production deadline).  And its still working perfectly after 12, 13 years of daily use.  Hard not to put something like that at the top of the list.

At home, I’d like to say my old Nikon D40, but sadly I think its been trumped by my iphone 6s.  The sheer convenience of a cell phone has always made for a high bar, and there is a world of difference between this camera and the one that was on my previous iphone 5c.  The 5c’s low light was worse than my D40, but the 6s is much much better.  So the only thing the 6s doesn’t do is BOKEH!  And god, the bokeh on a nice shot on the Nikon 105 f/2.5 is glorious.

Away from computer technology, I have my flair pens, just your good old PaperMate Flair(TM) pens with a small felt tip.  I never have problems with any ball bearing mechanism and I’ve never felt the need for a fine tip.  In fact in my world, a strong bold line that’s easy to scan and send is far more useful than the ability to scratch out fine details.  And these things seem fairly indestructible, the only thing that kills them is a misplaced cap or just running out of ink.

I’m certain if I keep baking one of my tools, maybe the dough knife with a wood handle, or one of the porcelain coated cast iron pots, or maybe the towels and stainless steel bowls I use for proofing the dough may rise to the point of significance.  But for now I’ll just leave them as honorable mentions.