Favorite Tools

In iterations 15 ( https://jefferysaddoris.com/newsletter/ ) asks a question about favorite tools.  And it made me think a bit because I’m pretty utilitarian.  Coincidentally I had just been chatting with my coworkers about my Wacom tablet, an intuos3 that I bought at the suggestion of a graphic designer friend who thought it might help my wrist pain in grad school.  Since that time I’ve been the lone soul who who has used the product in an architecture environment and it puzzles me.  Its just as fast as a mouse and I’ve very rarely ever had wrist pain (and never when its not pure CD production deadline).  And its still working perfectly after 12, 13 years of daily use.  Hard not to put something like that at the top of the list.

At home, I’d like to say my old Nikon D40, but sadly I think its been trumped by my iphone 6s.  The sheer convenience of a cell phone has always made for a high bar, and there is a world of difference between this camera and the one that was on my previous iphone 5c.  The 5c’s low light was worse than my D40, but the 6s is much much better.  So the only thing the 6s doesn’t do is BOKEH!  And god, the bokeh on a nice shot on the Nikon 105 f/2.5 is glorious.

Away from computer technology, I have my flair pens, just your good old PaperMate Flair(TM) pens with a small felt tip.  I never have problems with any ball bearing mechanism and I’ve never felt the need for a fine tip.  In fact in my world, a strong bold line that’s easy to scan and send is far more useful than the ability to scratch out fine details.  And these things seem fairly indestructible, the only thing that kills them is a misplaced cap or just running out of ink.

I’m certain if I keep baking one of my tools, maybe the dough knife with a wood handle, or one of the porcelain coated cast iron pots, or maybe the towels and stainless steel bowls I use for proofing the dough may rise to the point of significance.  But for now I’ll just leave them as honorable mentions.

A wedding coda

Just coincidentally, I sent off my thank you notes and paid off my credit card bill, today.  We had a very simple wedding, so fortunately we won’t be eating interest on the extravaganza, it just happened to be the lag time between reception transaction and final bank autopay withdrawal   But wow.  If you ever want advice on having a relatively cheap but decent wedding in Las Vegas we’d love to help.  Cause even a simple wedding gets expensive fast!

Aside from that, just thanks to everyone.  Everyone who came and everyone who wished us well.  And to our parents.  Cheers!

Checking in after half a year.

Well not much and yet a lot has changed.  I’d say that Badger’s passing was certainly the most momentous thing that happened at the end of 2012, but really that might not be true.  Because right before the year closed out the heater in our apartment in 1407 Missouri died, but only after burning out and spewing toxic plastic fumes into the place.  The maintenance team was unable to fix it and ownership was unwilling to do the right thing and just replace the damn system.  So we got let out of our lease.

The lease would have ended in May, so most likely we would have considered moving back to Las Vegas then, but everything got pushed up.  And so by the end of January we had quit our jobs and on Valentines Day 2013, we were on the road.  We had a lovely, lovely meal sitting on the parking lot of Bucees between Houston and San Antonio (this gas stop did not have any benches to eat at, so I mean literally sitting on the parking lot pavement).  Aside from a blown tire in Houston and another in Phoenix, we had a safe and relatively uneventful trip landing in Las Vegas a few days later.

And not a month later I got a job with Craig Palacios.  Which was also quite a series of fortunate events.  I had been hooked up with an interview in Downtown Las Vegas because of a contractor in Vegas and while in Downtown I wandered around.  One of my now coworkers dug my vibe, gave me their contact, maybe dropped a good word for me (though never having met me before) and my period of unemployment lasted a total of 39 days.

Oh and we got married.  May 11, 2013.  Whee!

May 11, 2013
May 11, 2013

what a cool way to show images!

This would be a little less relevant if I didn’t have a bunch of 4×6 paper that came with my latest set of ink (they bundled it with the colored ink but it was still cheaper than buying the cartridges individually).  But with a bunch of Dr. Pepper bottles, this will be useful =)

And check out Photojojo for other cool ideas for displaying pictures.

Hello world!

This webcomic was originally going to be named “Grizzly Avocado”.  Unfortunately, avocado got its name because it is the aztec word for a certain part of the male human to which it bears a resemblance.

Which is not that big of a problem except Avacado was supposed to refer to Peppercorn, my little girl bunny!