Ike + 51 weeks


It is amazing how quickly time flies! I’ve decided (yet again) to try to structure my time a little bit more and taking a cue from Dave Winer’s Blogpost Friday I will try to publish more regularly.

For this week I’m gonna wrap up one loose end from last year.As all us folks in Houston will likely remember, Hurricane Ike rolled through here 51 weeks ago and since this is the last Friday before the anniversary, I should finally publish a couple little ditties I had written during the two weeks of non-electricity.

In retrospect, I think that Ike and Post-Ike was a good time, a memorable moment in life. Even though two weeks of Houston summer without juice is more than plenty, it was an interesting time where we actually got to interact with our friends more and just enjoy life because there really wasn’t much else to do. Of course I write this as someone without a mortgage or kids to worry about, but at least for those without major responsibilities or debts, I think it was a good experience to go through.

The next forty-nine weeks have not been nearly as memorable, but it has been fairly stress free. The big events have been earning less (working 30 hours a week), getting a SLR, uploading an online portfolio, becoming LEED certified, road tripping through New Orleans, and getting a car. But hey, I can’t complain, I’m pretty happy and while I keep procrastinating on taking my ARE’s, I feel that my life is getting a little more orderly day by day.

Then again, I also turned thirty this past May so I guess its time to get moving along and start up the second half (post-education) part of my life. Honestly, I’m pretty relaxed and chill where I’m at, so I can’t say I’m particularly excited about shaking things up. But, I am also a bit restless and I would like to move forward a bit and hopefully by next September I will have made some serious progress and hopefully be in a more settled situation.

I’m reasonably content with chalking up the past twelve months as slow prep work that has given meme some ideas, tools, and skills that can help me push forward for the next few years. I have always been annoyed by the fact that life always seems to be just about preparing for the next stage of itself, but in this case, I guess it is one to view this past post Ike year in a positive light. So that’s how I’ll spin it. Its been fun to relax after grad school and dabble in various little hobbies. That stage is over, I guess it’s time to get moving.

Gray skies, slight drizzle,
a morning walk on quiet streets and uprooted trees.

Silly Reporters
Stunned Pigeons
Soaked Cats
Pole Hugging Trees
I survIKEd!