otp237 – civic duty

60 years ago today, the Supreme Court ruled against Montgomery County and their segregated bus system.

Coincidentally I had been taking photos of Dara reading Rosa (authored by Nikki Giovanni, illustrated by Bryan Collier) for the OTP 237 assignment. Its an excellent book, well written and beautifully illustrated. A story very relevant for this time, both as a reminder of how far we’ve come and an encouragement for the continued peaceful struggle for equality and justice.

“She thought about her mother and her grandmother and knew they would want her to be strong. She had not sought this moment, but she was ready for it.
When the policeman bent down to ask “Auntie, are you going to move?” all the strength of all the people through all those many years joined in her. Rosa Parks said no.”





circles (otp115)

I’ll do it in reverse chronological order.

While helping the baby take care of business, I realized this has just enough circles to meet the assignment.161002-i5c-9611-1

I reshot the slippers to see if the iphone might get me something sharper.

While sitting outside with the SLR, I realized that my slippers had a bunch a circles.

I had some trouble trying to find circles while at Zion National Park. Even after realizing she had circles on her jackets, I just couldn’t get the a good shot.

circular (again) (otp178)

I think when Jeffery came up with the assignment Circular last year, I think he thought out loud it would be interesting to do some photos that were round in the framing, though I think he ended up going back to the more straight forward (processing wise) approach of just letting it be interpreted freely. While working on OTP 115, I think it got all mixed up in my head. In any case I ended up shooting up at the big tree at Zion National Park and got a couple nice circular images.


This was from the same shot, but a different crop.

And one from the trunk. Unfortunately, it was with the front facing camera, so it pixelated pretty heavily.

remembrance (otp229)

Bill Wadman, one of the hosts of OTP, often mentions a desire to leave a mark in this world. I ended up going with the most sparse composition for the upload.


But I also liked the idea of having one’s ephemeral shadow in the frame


And for a wider context Jeffery Saddoris, the other host, has a thing for dumpsters. So I took this shot cause it was also there behind the mechanics yard while I waited for the oil change.


typography (otp113)

This turned out to be one of the most popular assignments out there, and while I didn’t spend a ton of time trying to get a great shot for this, I did come across more than a few instances. I think the best ones on the OTP group were either really in tight or way out. Unfortunately most of mine are all in the messy middle. However I wanted to ship…but maybe I’ll come back to this one.

First we start with some old signs.




And then one where the baby got her hand in front of the lens right as I was shooting an old xeroxed instruction sheet at an old hotel



A hand written example from my watering hole


And a completely hand made one from Mount Charleston.


symmetry (otp112)

I looked around for symmetry at Zion National Park and we found it (surprise!) with the help of a reflecting pool.


The wider angle shot with the iphone played better BW.


And a couple previous attempts that basically got relegated to the b-side as soon as we hiked up to this pool.



profile (otp225)

The assignment was profile and I caught the profile of these three men cutting control joints in our new slab. I quite like the black and white one (which didn’t look great in color because it was so overexposed).


I also like the colors in the other two. Though I can’t decide whether I like the sharper or dustier one more.

IMG_7877 (1)


Update: Here’s the original color version of the BW shot. In my memory I thought I had to overexpose to so the man was properly exposed, but I think it was actually blow out the trees and trash cans that otherwise dominated the background.



And here’s one of Marcello in black and white.