stripes (otp232)

In a world full of stripes I just wasn’t finding much to shoot. Maybe because I felt strapped for time all week for other stuff.

I might as start go with the baby shot…cause that’s always the first line of attack.


Saturday evening we also went to the park and people played outside the stripes / lines


and flew a kite


I was a little surprised that 6 megapixels can still get the definition on the kite so far up (this is a quarter crop of another image)


For a free giveaway at a promotional event, I’ve gotten quite a bit of fun out of that kite.

circular outtake

While closing out the photoshop file, I accidentally turned on a few layers at the same time and stumbled upon this fun graphic.


circles (otp115)

I’ll do it in reverse chronological order.

While helping the baby take care of business, I realized this has just enough circles to meet the assignment.161002-i5c-9611-1

I reshot the slippers to see if the iphone might get me something sharper.

While sitting outside with the SLR, I realized that my slippers had a bunch a circles.

I had some trouble trying to find circles while at Zion National Park. Even after realizing she had circles on her jackets, I just couldn’t get the a good shot.

circular (again) (otp178)

I think when Jeffery came up with the assignment Circular last year, I think he thought out loud it would be interesting to do some photos that were round in the framing, though I think he ended up going back to the more straight forward (processing wise) approach of just letting it be interpreted freely. While working on OTP 115, I think it got all mixed up in my head. In any case I ended up shooting up at the big tree at Zion National Park and got a couple nice circular images.


This was from the same shot, but a different crop.

And one from the trunk. Unfortunately, it was with the front facing camera, so it pixelated pretty heavily.

sound (otp135) someone else (otp231)

I also have some other photos that I tried to use for sound and will need to review those later, but since this was also taken by Dara (the current “someone else” assignment) I pushed this one out. On Sunday morning she wanted to take some more photos and this sound assignment had been bedeviling me so I thought I’d see if she could do any good ukelele shots. As a good 2.5 year old, she quickly lost interest after three frames, but she nailed the middle shot.

About a month ago, I started my new ukelele hobby (on an ancient Yamaha 60C my father brought over from San Jose). I have a tortured history of starting and dropping musical instruments, we’ll see how long this lasts. The big change this time around is playing simple children’s songs for her is really quite amazing. Its such a high that rivals almost anything else I’ve done.


someone else (otp231)

The assignment was to get someone else (familiar or stranger) to take your photograph. Well that’s easy, since I’ve already “directed” Dara to as my prinicpal photographer for previous assignments.

Lately, she’s started pretending these foam blocks are her camera and she’ll come up to us and tell us to say “cheeese!”. And of course we oblige.


As always there are some outakes, including one from that morning while shooting the diptych. I always like to get up close, I guess she does too!


And then two more from the afternoon at the Windmill Library.



up the stairs at the flamingo library

I’m not a huge fan of the photo, but there’s something I quite like about it that I’m not really able to articulate at the moment…thought I’d go ahead and post it anyways.



Next to the cafeteria, Ikea has quite a generous family restroom with a seat for breastfeeding mothers. Dara wanted to sit on the kid restraint…and for me to photograph her.


at the park

At Town Square, a shopping center, there is a small park. It late morning and was still quite warm, but still bearable.




I almost timed this one right but her foot is cut off…even so I’m quite happy with the exposure. Lucky for me, cause she was running loops and this turned out to be the last loop of the day. When chasing a toddler around, you never know when they decide to move onto something else.