my kit

One of the OTP hosts wanted to see everyone’s kits, but my stuff is split in two places so I did a multiple frame look at things. I’ll most likely come back and do a single frame shot at some point.

Bodies: Nikon D40 (crop sensor) and Iphone 5c.

Accessories (not shown): an extra battery, extra SD card, blower

and I definitely have my hierarchy of lenses…

the standard 3 lens kit that goes in a small bag or cargo pants
24mm f/2 – I like the wider view and deep DOF, but not the bokeh
50mm f/1.8 series e – gorgeous bokeh
105mm f/2.5 – omg. The best evar.

the other two nikkors
28mm f/3.5 – if my katzeye didn’t go black with the small f-stop, this most likely would supplant my 24mm
135mm f/2.8 — I’ve scored some lovely shots with this lens, but its heavy.

fun alternate lenses
Lensbaby 2.0
500mm f/8 cadatropic — So small, but what a reach!
70-210 vivatar micro – A serious hunk of metal. But I’m not a fan of zoom

autofocus, I just don’t dig it
18-55mm kit lens – I like it as a wide angle, most likely the main reason I haven’t actually run out and purchased a wide angle prime.
30mm f/1.8 – I thought I’d want autofocus when the baby showed up. But nah…I’ve gone back to my good old non-metering nikkors, they just feel more responsive.

Well surprisingly not really at this time. I’d like to get an 85mm just to fill in the standard series of focal lengths or maybe a 50mm micro or a 14mm super wide…but nothing I’d really want to pay big money for at the moment.

160816-i5c-8414 copy

profile (otp225)

The assignment was profile and I caught the profile of these three men cutting control joints in our new slab. I quite like the black and white one (which didn’t look great in color because it was so overexposed).


I also like the colors in the other two. Though I can’t decide whether I like the sharper or dustier one more.

IMG_7877 (1)


architecture (otp111)

As an architect, you’d think I like shooting buildings.

I don’t…there’s photographers who do that. But I did find a few architect-y things that I found interesting.

such as block wall in the restroom at Spring Ranch Park


or some big rocks in Zion


and rock textures


and a trellis detail showcasing the passage of time


a ceiling fan and AC register in my bedroom


and OK, here’s a building, with some dramatic clouds no less!


gametime (otp119)

my favorite photo is from the lastest pass through the set. I think the rawtherapee program (open source lightroom clone as far as I can tell) is helping in some ways. Though I also have other gripes in how it handles files. In any case, here’s a nice crunchy gametime. Followed by some less crunchy ones.




newsworthy (otp221)

The assignment was newsworthy this week. Not surprisingly with my other work I went for the mundane. The good folks at the library do a good job with their story time, and its much appreciated.

Windmill Library Storytime
Windmill Library Storytime

But while uploading the photo, I realized I had shot another “newsworthy” thing earlier this week after having listened to the episode. The flags at Ikea were half mast again! But over the past couple months, with Orlando, Dallas, and Baton Rouge, such a display of mourning is so regular, it didn’t even trigger this fit with the assignment until now.

Ikea, half mast yet again
Ikea, half mast yet again

splash (otp110)

I had a tough time with this one. Moving water is not particularly easy to get right, especially since my setups are so rudimentary (me and my camera). I ended up trying three approaches, the first just shooting the river in Zion National park, then behind a waterfall (also at Zion), but my favorite came up a couple days ago when Dara decided to help grandpa water the plants.



But Zion National Park was pretty cool too.




forgotten (otp220)

I flipped my lens to do a the macro for the old basset hound that my parents just brought down from San Jose. I have no idea when I painted this little ceramic fellow up.

Red Lips
Red Lips
Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes

Ikea and Maarten Rots

Ever since running into Maarten Rots work , I’ve been quite a fan. I love his semi-abstract images, relishing the flatness and indeterminacy but avoiding pure blur.

Here’s a photo that feeds off of his aesthetic from our visit to Ikea. Dara was playing with my Nikon with the 105mm f/2.5 and she snuck her hand in front of the lens for this shot.


She’s old enough now to point the camera in the right direction, but she still doesn’t know to look through the view finder. And since my slr is an ancient D40, there’s no live view on the machine – this is a totally pure exercise in spray and pray! Here’s a pair of photos from my wife shooting us shooting her.